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Exposition: All the times El Zakzaky has been jailed by past leaders in detention centres nationwide


A twitter thread of the many times that Elzazaky has been a regular customer at various detention centers across Nigeria for his views and religious activities in the past.


From Abacha to IBB and even before them.


Enjoy reading about the man some of you will die to defend.


1. Ibraheem ZakZaky has been detained several times for his ideas by past govts. Enugu (1981 – 1984) ; notorious interrogation center of NSO, Lagos (1984-1985); kirikiri max security (1985); Our own Port Harcourt (1987/89) & back to PH (1996/97)
Kaduna (1987 and 1997-1998). In 2014, Zaria Quds Day massacres, 35 people died
The govt of Sokoto in 2007 demolished an Islamic center. Furthermore clashes between Sunni & Shia residents in d state followed d assassination of Salafi Imam Umaru Danmaishiyya who was preaching against Shia.
Zakzaky is a graduate of Bsc Economics of our own ABU. Graduated with First Class . The degree was denied to him by the University authorities due to his Islamic activities

Presently , he has spent almost 18years in Dawah calling for total establishment of Islam
May 10, 2006; Sunni and Shia Islamic sects clashed in Sokoto that led to several deaths.

Though d Gov Baffawara said d “skirmishes were of minimal level”

Founded Islamic Movement in late 70s when he was a student of ABU and began propagation Shia Islam around 1979 at the time of IRAN revolution. Key word “ IRAN “

He was so impressed with 1979 Iranian revolution that he wanted one at home.

Later , ZakZaky went to Iran , ultimately becoming a SHIA CLERIC. At home, he became d leader, gained followers in 1990s. Sunni still control 90% of d population


IMN’s goals are twofold : To ensure more stringent application of Islamic legal and Administrative systems, then ultimately create an Islamic State of Nigeria

ZakZaky no be today wahala. To the people of Zaria, “e ku PATIENT “ ooo. Uche, Uchenna, give me one Long Island and chicken wings before u close ur book joor

One group led by Abubakar Mujahid broke away from IMN called “ The Movement of Islamic Revival” he too dey enjoy detention like ZakZaky too. He is more radical than ZakZaky.


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Past govt leaders and security chiefs alive can speak out about the activities of ZakZaky and his group since 80s till date and u will wonder how we have been existing as a Nation . We have countries that hate Nigeria as a NATION. Guys I say no more.



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