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Police officers might be responsible for killing DCP not protesting shiites – Experts



Gun experts after careful analysis of clips from the murder of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Umar Belel during a violent protest in Abuja yesterday, has disclosed that the police boss was a victim of friendly fire.


Revealing that bullets shot by a fellow colleague could be responsible for the killing of the police chief, gun experts wrote:



You don’t retreat from a mob with your back turned against them. This is one of the tenets of crowd control for law enforcement agencies.
This man was definitely killed by friendly fire until proven otherwise.
The entry (occipital) and exit (temporal) wounds speaks volumes!!!!!




Charley Bright who also collaborated with the gun expert findings, also had this to say about the killing.


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In one of the TV Stations (Channels TV) showing the protest clash, video clip showed a Lifeless body of a policeman on the floor and one or two bodies of the Shiites.
The first thing that came to me was ” How come the police officers left one of theirs laying dead on the floor if he was shot by the shiites?
Not likely.
My guess was that the police officer was likely shot and killed by his other police officers for whatever reasons. That’s more reason he was left on the floor to die.
We don’t need forensic analysis to tell us that this officer was shot at close range from behind, and very likely by his police team.
Nigerian Police Brutality (even to their fellow Policeman) is legendary.
Too bad the officer has been quickly buried and the truth has been buried with him.


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