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NANS Begins Mobilization For Picketing Of South Africa Businesses Nationwide



21st July, 2019.


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) wish to inform members of public of her readiness to commence the picketing of all South African business interests in Nigeria. This has become inevitable in the face of continued provocative attack, destruction of properties, looting of businesses and unmindful killings of Nigerians residing in and or visiting South Africa.
As earlier reported in print, electronic and online media platforms, below is the guide for the mass picketing.


Tuesday 23rd July, 2019

*Commencement of picketing of all South African businesses and presence in the Federal Capital Territory.

Wednesday, 24th July, 2019


*Commencement of Zonal picketing/rallies at the following locations:
Ibadan, Lagos, Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Jos, Owerri, Asaba, Abuja.

Thursday 25th July, 2019

*Commencement of State by State picketing/rallies across the 36 states of Nigeria.



*Ensure the picketing of the following South African businesses i.e MTN Nigeria, Shoprite, Dstv, Gotv, Standard Chartered Bank e.t.c.

*Ensure only students participate in the picketing exercise and rallies.


*Ensure seamless coordination of the picketing exercise in their respective domains.

*Ensure no one is involved in any act of molestation of citizens, looting of offices and goods, vandalization and or destruction of public properties in the course of picketing.

*Ensure common code of identification for and amongst students participating during the picketing exercise.


*Ensure closure of all businesses owned by South African companies in Nigeria to press home our demand for an end to Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in particular and Africans in general.

*Ensure that such businesses/premises remain closed should they be reopened by any of the management of such South African companies.

*Ensure delivery of a letter of protest condemning Xenophobic attacks by South Africans against Nigerian citizens and other Africans through South African company representatives in their respective domains to the Government and people of South Africa.


*Ensure that there’s no underhand dealing(s) by any student and or any deficient character or saboteur before, during and after the picketing exercise.

*Ensure that no one appropriate to himself/herself duties or roles not assigned to him or her which may lead to sabotage in respect to the picketing exercise.

*Assert the rights and dignity of all Nigerians living in or visiting South Africa and everywhere else on the globe.


*Ensure that no object other than placards containing Anti-Xenophobic messages are used by participating students during the picketing.

*Ensure that anyone who engage himself or herself in any negotiation on behalf of Nigerian student is brought to face the full wrath of law.

*Ensure the invitation of media organizations for full coverage of the picketing exercise.


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*Ensure full compliance of all student structures across the country for the picketing exercise.

*The President of NANS alongside all National Executive and officials of NANS, NAPS and other affiliate union shall lead the Abuja picketing exercise and may show presence as may be deemed appropriate at any of the Zonal/State picketing exercise.


*Zonal picketing shall be coordinated by NANS Zonal coordinators in their respective zones. They are to liaise with National Executive members of NANS, NAPS, other affiliate unions and stakeholders within their zone(s) for collaboration and necessary advise.

*State(s) picketing/rallies are to be coordinated by Chairmen of Joint Campus Committees in their respective states in collaboration with National Executive members of NANS, NAPS, other affiliate unions and stakeholders within such states.

Where there’s a case of inaction, sabotage or unavailability of designated team coordinator at the Zonal or state levels, the NANS leadership shall assign a coordinator for the purpose of carrying out the picketing exercise in such places.


The President of NANS, Danielson Bamidele-Akpan, GCNS shall serve as the Head of the Central Coordinating Command. Members of the Central Coordinating Command includes:
*All National Executives of NANS
*All Zonal coordinators
*All JCC Chairmen
*President and Executives of NAPS
*President(s) of all affiliate unions
*Selected stakeholders.

All student structures across the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory are hereby directed to commence mobilization under the command of their respective National, Zonal or State coordinators for the picketing exercise. All team heads are advised to contact the Central Coordinating Command for necessary materials and report any occurrence of interference, sabotage or underhand negotiations by filthy characters before, during and after the picketing.

Nigerian students have resolved that Nigerians in South Africa deserve full dignity, freedom and respect in all ramifications and must be protected from further provocation, looting and killing.
We assert that no Nigerian is inferior to any South African.
Therefore, it is our considered view that any injustice meted on any Nigerian anywhere as an injustice to all Nigerians everywhere.


Aluta Continua; Victoria Ascerta!!!

Wande Ajayi
Chief Press Secretary to the NANS President


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