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Herdsmen: Proverbial son of a widow whose mother gifted a basket of wahala on market day



Rampaging herdsmen are like the proverbial son of a widow, who after the mother returns from the market, will ask if she bought wahala for him.

The tale is told that the son would whine and cry because the mother refused to buy him the much needed wahala.

Fed up and perturbed by her son’s  consistent asking for wahala, the mother promised to buy him a full dose of it on the next market day.



The fateful market day came and as she prepared to leave early for trade, son in his cloak of whining, reminded her to fulfill the promise, otherwise he would abscond from home which means she will never set her eyes on him.



Returning from the market, son met mother and before he could say welcome, mother handed over to him a basket she says contains wahala and instructed him to lock the door before opening it.


Excitedly, our proverbial brother locked the door from inside and mother bolted it from outside too.



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To his dismay, lifting the lid of the basket, a swarm of bees welcomed him to a full dose of wahala he had earlier requested for.


The end result is better imagined than described. But is obvious he never asked for wahala again till this day.




PS: Killer herdsmen, it is easy to assume monopoly of violence but when you push a people to the wall, expect a charging re-bounce. You can’t beat a child and expect us not to cry



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