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Endless thrashing as angry ladies mobilize to beat up lover boy who promises marriage to sleep with them (Video)



A notorious lover boy whose specialty is in giving women treats and false hopes of marrying them was captured in a circulating video, severely receiving the beating of his life.


It was reported that the Ghanaian play boy in his several escapades will promise the ladies marriage and after sleeping with them, dump them for other women in a repeated cycle.



Well, that would not be the case with his latest victim who mobilized other victims in solidarity to his apartment, to get their own pound of flesh after discovering his gimmicks.



The angry women were heard in the video asking “wha the hell is wrong is with you?” whiles lashing him with canes.


Posted below is the result of his chop one, chop two escapade:




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When she found out that he promises women marriage just to sleep with them

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