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#ProbeNotVictimize: senate panel’s attempt to ridicule senator abbo stirs up public sympathy



Media personnel, Akpomedawaro Ike has in a #ProbeNotVictimize editorial, revealed as a plot by the Senate’s panel of inquiry to humiliate an already embattled senator Elisha Abbo, over his assault on a lady at a sex toy shop.


Describing the maiden sitting of the committee as an attempt at “double jeopardy”, Akpomedawaro Ike asked for the motive behind inviting journalists to cover the probe if the panel wasn’t out to sell out Abbo.



Weighing in also on the threat of suspension issued on the embattled senator by the panel, Akpomedawaro wrote:



“What is worth doing should be worth doing well hence, the senate panel committee assigned the responsibility to investigate senator abbo’s assault on the lady should know well than to stir up emotions by giving the senator a bad name just to hang him.


“Was the paparazzi effect necessary considering the smear campaigns that had characterized the senator sequel to the assault incident?



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Personally, I view it as an attempt to ridicule, rather than that of fact finding by inviting journalists to cover the maiden proceedings of the probe panel after he had already admitted wrongdoing, apologized, submitted himself to the police for prosecution, charged to court and eventually granted bail.


Senator elisha abbo tenders public apology to nigerians over assault, says to err is human.


Would it be impossible to hear the Senator’s testimony without the presence of cameras and overzealous journalists?


On her first sitting, the panel goofed and the threat of suspension goes a long way to show the committee is out to victimize the already embattled senator. Otherwise, why the threats



The attempted coverage of proceedings by an already biased one-sided media would have spelt doom not only for the senator but for all parties involved.




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