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Video of a thief forced to chew and swallow fresh pepper as punishment for his crime


A suspected petty criminal who was caught stealing was forced to eat raw peppers as punishment for his crime.


Captured in a video on social media, the clip showed him occupy a seat with a matching table laid with the hot vegetable and a bowl of water.


The video also shows the young man in anguish as he chews and swallows dozens of peppers. A mob found entertainment while watching the man eat raw pepper. This was punishment for the act of theft.

Despite the chilli effect he seemed to be experiencing while eating the crop, the suspect felt more obligated to continue in the act.

This is perceived to be motivated by a fear of being beaten.

The suspect can also be seen struggling to hold back tears and communicate, possibly from the effects of the hot pepper.


“If we take them to the police, they are bailed out for a small amount of money and they continue stealing. But if we give justice to them, they reform and become good men,”


Watch the video below;



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