Home LOCAL NEWS Stowaway who fell from kenyan airline, has been found dead.

Stowaway who fell from kenyan airline, has been found dead.


Stowaway who fell from a plane and landed in a London garden “was probably a Nairobi airport worker”

The frozen stowaway, who fell from a Kenyan Airways flight as it approached the Heathrow Airport in London, was likely a staff at Nairobi airport, Kenyan officials say.

The body of the man fell 3,500ft. from a plane and landed near a man subathing in his garden in south London on Sunday

Gilbert M. Kibe, Kenya’s Civil Aviation Authority chief, said the stowaway had to be an airport worker because he would almost certainly need legal access to the airport in order to skirt around security and get into the plane.

However, Mr Kibe was unable to identify the man who travelled from Kenya to London in the wheel arch of the Kenyan Airways flight before plunging 3,500ft.

Mr Kibe told the BBC: “With the way that security is tight, it is unlikely that an outsider would have been able to make his way through to the airside where the airplane is parked and get in.

“So I would suspect it was somebody who had access to the airside. But doing what? I’m not aware.”

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