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Differentiating christianity from highly publicized ‘crazetianity’


Calvary greetings to all that call on the name of Christ, whether in secret or in public, for he shall continually to give thee rest in fulfillment of his divine promise in Matthew 11:28-29.


I think it is high time as purposeful soldiers standing up for the cross to reawaken from our slumber and draw the difference between Christianity (relationship) and what is now obtainable everywhere, crazetianity (misleading doctrines)


From one scandal to another, the church of christ shall continue to march and the gates of hell shall never prevail but we must be truthful to ourselves.


If God be for us, somebody can still be against us because in our ignorance and weakness, we keep holding on to closed old doors, and for same reason, we become rigid and enemies to ourselves.


Therefore, let this be a moment of sober reflection not for blame slinging but for cleansing towards an expected end.


Enough had being said about Christianity using crazetianity as yardstick, relationship with Christ is meek but crazetianity has made it complicated.


Doctrines of grace not rooted in the bible spread like wildfire on pulpits, overshadowing the sermon of love. And because it is forbidden for sin to thrive that grace might abide, these doctrines after going haywire begins to wane and implicate Christianity.


What more, because they are package branded, they entice the feeble, make a mess of their mind, sap them of their resources and what have we, a crusade  where everybody is speaking in papa-ride-on tongues without an interpreter.


With an intent to impress, many are misled or should i say are initiated into crazetianity, encouraged to grow in sin to be featured on the ladder of grace, “I will take you to a level of grace you have never experienced before” sweet talks and a loosed generation led by doctrines contending with Christianity.


All hope is not lost if we are willing to do the needful, and what is that needful, building our hope on Jesus blood and righteousness, daring not to trust on the sweet frame but wholly leaning on Jesus name, the solid rock.


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