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When your kids sexually abuse themselves as captured in this cctv video, How do you curtail it? (Read)


A reader sent the note to Clearvision Media;

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A while ago, a lady asked me to advise her. She discovered that her 11 year old son, was messing around sexually, with his 8 year old sister.

So this lady had 4 children and they lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. She had 3 boys and a girl. She slept in one room with her baby boy, and the 11 year old boy, 8 year old girl and 6 year old boy slept in the other room.

Apparently whilst everyone slept, he used that opportunity to touch his sister sexually.

There is no need to share the sordid details, but it went on for sometime. The mother only found out because the daughter caught an infection and the hospital informed the mother that something was going on with her daughter sexually. She was devastated.

The mother then had a conversation with her daughter, who told her innocently that her brother was doing things to her.

I asked her to first all separate them. Her daughter had to sleep with her and her son needed to get help quickly. She thought he needed a beating and spiritual cleansing. I did not agree. At 11, he was also a child. He was clearly watching the wrong movies or listening to the wrong people.

The mother wept and wept, she felt it was because she was poor and could only afford two rooms. I told her that these things happen to those who live in mansions too. Rape is not about poverty or wealth. It is about depravity.

Sexual molestation and rape happens everyday. Not just in churches, but also in our homes, in our offices, in our neighbourhood.

Sexual molestation and rape happens to girls and boys, men and women.

Parents need to ask questions and try as much as is possible to prevent these traumatic acts from happening.

We must proactively protect our young ones.

We must also ensure that our children are not molesters and predators too.

Where molestation occurs, parents need to deal with it and not act as if nothing happened.

The truth is, as soon as our children reach a certain age, they start thinking about se.x, we cannot control that.

It is only natural. So we need to educate them and have authentic conversations.

Personally, I do not support boys and girls above the age of 4/5, sleeping on the same bed.

May God help us to do right by our kids and society always.



Community standards: click here to download video

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