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Herdsmen reportedly clash with cultists during initiation ceremony, four killed



A cult initiation went sour after herdsmen tending their herd in the bush ran into a group of cultist during their initiation ceremony.


According to Osabor Francis who confided to focusnaija, over 30 members of the cult group were present at the initiation ceremony which was already coming to an end before the herdsmen crashed into them.


Trouble reportedly started after the herdsmen invaded the initiation ground with their cows which according to Osabor is an abomination because only bonafide members of the cult group are allowed into the initiation ground.


Infuriated by their presence and the heated argument between the herdsmen and the cultists, one of them reportedly shot at the herdsmen which unfortunately didn’t penetrate and immediately, hell was let loose.


The herdsmen in between their cows reportedly shot at the cultists repeatedly killing four on the spot while others scampered to safety with different degrees of gunshot injuries.


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