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Lady narrates how ancestral spirit that possessed her with strength to fight four hefty men at once was delivered by offering a bull sacrifice



A middle aged Nigerian lady identified as Ruth Edojakwa, expressed mixed feelings as she narrated how an ancestral spirit that possessed her with strength that enabled her to fight four hefty men at once, was delivered after offering a bull for sacrifice.


According to her narrative, when the spirit possesses her slender body, she receives extra strength to fight adversaries which amazes her mother and friends who kept asking the source of her strength which she never had an answer for.



Narrating further, she disclosed that on many occasions, her father injected her with sedatives which calms and makes her pass out. It took the advise of their family doctor to appease the ancestral spirit by sacrificing a bull to tame her extra physical strength after visiting the synagogue church of all nations to seek deliverance.



She wrote,

“The only thing wen dey vex me now,Na that extra Physical strength or power wen I dey get whenever I want fight any person or people wen e/dem find my trouble,wen dem tamed.



“Dem used egbo(Bull) take tamed my extra physical strength or power.
That time, I dey carry 4 hefty men take stone ground & I dey leghé leghé(slim)

“At time’s na injection my father take dey pin me down,if I dey fight.

“Sotey, my own mother & friends go dey asked me where my physical strength or power dey come from,whenever I wan fight?
Me to them;Seriously I didn’t know.


“Our Family Medical Doctor, Dr Agori-Iwe was the one who advised my own father to take me to Igbé(ATR) for Solution because my Problems was spiritual.

“The father of my only child, provided the money for the egbo(Bull) that was used for the sacrifices.

“I stayed in the igbé(ATR) for 3weeks.
When I returned, I was taken to the psychiatric hospital for my mental awareness & mental evaluation.


“Then to the Synagogue church of all Nations in Ikotun,Lagos State. Nigeria.
Then finally, to my own Ancestral Shrine.
Why am I saying all these?

“Most of you Africans, Nigerians & Urhobo’s are idiot’s & Foolish.

“God,always give to people a special child in a special sister or brother, special wife or husband,special mother or father & special friend but out of ignorance,jealousy & pride,we thrown/throw’s him or her away. We even killing the special one’s with witch craft & wizardry.


“As Africans, Nigerians & Urhobo’s,we love evil(devil’s) more than God(Good).

“We hate & pushes away those who are speaking the TRUTH & Love & embrace those who are the liar’s.”



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