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Unilag student shouts down school hostel after she received a bouquet of dollars from an admirer seeking her attention



A video of a Unilag student and her friends, shouting down their hostel after a crush of hers gifted her a bouquet filled with dollars, has gone viral on social media.


Sharing a video in company of her friends following her to examine the gifts she received, a bigger surprised awaited them in a special box in the hamper filled with goodies contained a beautifully crafted bouquet made with 100 US dollar bills and chocolates wrapped in golden wrappers




On seeing the special bouquet the girl and her friends could be heard screaming in excitement, they could not believe their eyes.


Watch the video below;


The money after total collation was reported to be over half a million and the lady on the spotlight calls it the benefit of being a beautiful girl.

She wrote;

if you are not trying to get my attention like this, then pls don’t bother. This is the benefit of being a fine girl.


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