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Nigerian man notorious for befriending mad women and making them happy (Photos)



A young Nigerian man from Enugu state is the rave of the moment as he is known to befriend mad people and homeless lunatics in the streets of the Coal city.


Known by a face always beaming smiles, and named Ikechukwu Prosper, he revealed through his social media posts that he enjoys the company of mad people, including the stubborn ones whom he described as “lonely and discriminated.”



Showing off his latest mad friend identified as “Monica that takes plate numbers” who he met at a party, he also stated that people mistake his humanitarian gesture as being mad without realising that they(mad people) deserve to be shown love and cared for too.



He wrote;



Today I met this mad man in a party and we became friends….. Everybody started to say that I am mad… Am I mad?






How he manages to calm, talk, understand and laugh with them still amazes even members of his family.

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